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Enjoy Football CIC 

Dave Smith Founder of Enjoy Football CIC

Hi, I’m Dave Smith and I enjoy football.


I've been involved in football in some way since I was old enough to kick a ball. I started off playing with friends in the street and would play from dawn until dark (well after breakfast until tea time with dinner time as half time and after tea to before bed as extra time)– no one kept scores, no set teams, just friends enjoying football while learning social skills and picking up the basics of the game. 


At school I was invited to try out for the school team as a goalie. Even though we weren’t as strong as some of the other teams, I can still remember the determination and never-give-up attitude that we had. I continued to play for the school teams at primary and high school and even managed a stint as captain. I also played for various local clubs as a child but although there was no real structured coaching we did our best and enjoyed the game. 


My love of football continued into adulthood and I played for different local teams, both 11 and 5 a-side. When I got to the age where I could no longer keep pace I started to get involved in coaching through a team that my son played in. I knew that what I lacked as a player I could make up for in coaching with my experience and knowledge of the game and my enthusiasm for the sport. By now, the FA had put a structured coaching system in place and I have enjoyed gaining my qualifications in coaching and putting them into practice.


Since 2002, I have coached a number of teams from under 7 through to under 18 and then did again right up to the present day with an under 17 team, a girls team and also children as young as 3.


Despite really enjoying coaching, I did miss playing until by chance I discovered walking football. Walking football is played at a slower pace but requires the same skill and enthusiasm and I have become a big fan. In fact through playing walking football I won my very first trophy ever at the age of 50 and 355 days.

Enjoy Football CIC 

I am a firm believer that everyone can enjoy the game of football in some form and love using my skills and experience to help other people develop new skills' make friends, keep fit.

Enjoy Football CIC was set up to provide football through coaching or playing accessible formats of the game  to allow more people to participate and to improve their physical and mental health. 


Enjoy football.

Dave Smith


FA Level 2

FA Level 1 module in Youth football

FA Coaching Disabled Footballers

FA Futsal Level 1

FA Mentoring adults 

FA introduction to First Aid in Football

FA introduction to Talent Identification 

Dave Smith playing walking football
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