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The Elephant Cup Rules

  1. For the Renovation Station Elephant Cup quarterly competition, the intention is to play 4 a side quick games with time built in where players who are not taking part can talk to each other or to others with lived experience about mental health issues.

  2. Each game is 7 minutes long.

  3. Games are played with no keepers.

  4. ​The game will start with the referee dropping the ball into play on the halfway line. 

  5. No hand ball- if a player handles the ball deliberately in the goal D then an automatic goal is awarded to the opposition. If the offence occurs out of the D then an indirect free kick is awarded with the opponents being 3 metres away from the ball. 

  6. No slide tackles.

  7. Overhead height is allowed.

  8. ​Any other offences will be in line with the normal laws of football in relation to foul play. The referee can remove a player from the field of player should there be any play that is considered dangerous or violent. We don’t want to do this as it’s against the spirit of what the game is about, but we will if required. Please respect the referee and other players..

  9. All free kicks are indirect

  10. You can only score a goal inside the opposition D.

  11. Own goals count from inside the D. Any own goal scored from outside the D the opposing team will regain possession on the halfway line.

  12. When a goal is scored, the scoring team must retreat to their own half and the non-scoring team will restart from inside the D.

  13. 3 points will be awarded for a win. 2 points a score draw. 1 point no score draw. 

  14. Referees decision is final

  15. We hope that these rules make some sense to help the games flow, but we are always open for suggestions to make the games better.

  16. If we decide prior to the event or even on the night that the best way forward is to play 5 or 6 a side with goalkeepers then normal 5/6 a side rules will be put in place with teams winning points as in 1. 

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