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Futsal is a game which is fast, skillful and most importantly fun. 


Men's over 35s Futsal 





























Schools and Futsal

We are working with a number of Primary schools coaching an introduction to Futsal to KS1 children as part of the PE curriculum and as an after school club. 

As well as building on the basic motor and social skills Futsal promotes not only teamwork but allows the children to make individual decisions, build confidence, became included and most importantly, have lots of fun.

In the schools that we have worked with, we have found that the children, some of whom have never played football before or had an interest in the game are embracing the idea of Futsal and we are seeing fantastic results.  

If you are a PE coordinator at a Primary School and are looking for something a little different for some curriculum time or as an after school club for KS1 children then contact us and we'll tell you more about our unique programme. 

The following video is not an Enjoy Football video but is to highlight the game itself and to show the basics of Futsal.

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