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Enjoy Football Launch Walking Football in Newton Le Willows, St Helen's and Great Sankey

Remember the days when you used to play football. You’d go to training, run around for an hour, then at weekends play the serious matches running around for another couple of hours. You were super fit and felt great. All this time you’d be having a laugh with your team mates and your social life was fantastic.

Then you got older and had more responsibilities and life became that little bit more hectic and stressful. Football took backseat and you stopped playing. The waistline got a bit bigger and other bits started to slow down. You might see your old footie mates in the supermarket or at reunions but they slowly disappeared into the distance. But, although the desire was still there you eventually stopped

Sounds all doom and gloom and whilst it is an all too familiar tale, there is some hope.

Would you like to be active again? Would you like to burn off some of those unwanted calories so you can get back into those jeans in the wardrobe that used to fit? Would you like to get your social life back and meet new mates or reacquaint with old ones? Would you like to leave some of those stresses behind even for a short period of time? Well, you can.

How? you ask, well let us introduce you to Walking Football. Its still football just played at a slower pace which evens up the playing field.

Our sessions are aimed at those who still have the desire to play or even want to start playing football but feel that they can’t for whatever reason.

By attending our weekly sessions you’ll become more active and that little bit fitter. You’ll develop or bring back skills, meet new and old mates and basically you’ll get that desire and Enjoy Football

Weekly Sessions at :

Selwyn Jones Sports Centre Ashton Road Newton le Willows WA12 0AG

On Fridays starting 21st April 2017 at 2.30pm (outdoors)

and Mondays starting 24th April 2017 (outdoors).

St Augustines Roman Catholic High School Boardmans Ln, Saint Helens WA11 9BB

Wednesdays starting 26th April 2017 6pm - 7pm (outdoors)

St Gregory's High School Cromwell Ave, Westbrook, Warrington, Great Sankey, Warrington WA5 1HG

Wednesdays starting 26th April 2017 8pm -9pm (indoors)

To celebrate our launch for one week only £4.00 per session at any of our sessions from 21st April 2017 - 26th April 2017 ( Normal session price £5.00 per session)

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