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5 Simple Reasons Why NOT To Give Up On Walking Football Ever.

and if you can't upload the link-

Increasing heart rate and exercise is good for most men of our kind of age.

Camera-derie - especially when enhanced by online activity - and the benefits and innovations the internet can bring and which can be which can be engaged with 24/7.

The sheer joy of stroking a ball about, scoring a goal or making an incisive pass - plus the usual mis-kicks and balls ups which remind us we're not as good as we thought we were (or used to be ) - adds humility to the equation and devalues ego.

Seeing a lot of older chaps with smiles on their faces most of the time. Natural tendencies towards grumpiness held in abeyance for an hour or two.

Chance to wear a football kit without looking totally ridiculous.

ok and another 5

improved fitness through weight loss

improved mental well being through the good will and friendship shared whilst playing and meeting at other social events

enjoyment of a game (albeit a different game) i thought was left behind as a participant

involvement with other like minded individuals and clubs through fixtures and social media

an opportunity to rekindle old and make new friendships

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