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Walking Football at AIM (Amputation, Inspiration and Motivation).

Massive thanks to the team at AIM (Amputation,Inspiration and Motivation), who are an Amputee support group in St Helens, for inviting us over to meet everyone and to talk about walking football and what it’s all about. It was pretty awe inspiring listening to some of their experiences and what they are doing.

Within a few minutes of us talking about the benefits of walking football, the group persuaded us (doesn’t take much really) to give a demonstration and without hesitation some of the group volunteered to play having never played before. Despite the short time we were there it was clear that this lot will try pretty much anything, most of it scary.

Although the game was quite short, everyone enjoyed and we’ll be back at the end of the month for more walking football mayhem.

For any further info on the group check out their website

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