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Absolute inspiration - You can if you want to

I went along to AIM again last Friday (30.6..17) for another session of Walking Football. On arrival I couldn't have been made to feel any more welcome and after a quick brew, we set up a pitch and basically game on.

There were a few more there on this occasion and quite simply the enthusiasm to try something new was there yet again in abundance We got a 4 v 4 going, I'm not quite sure as to what we did have going, but it was a bit of a hybrid game with feet, crutches and wheelchairs flying. A somewhat of Walking Football meets Gladiator. scoring was low.

Jackie despite numerous shouts of WALKING (we'll call it enthusiasm) did score a worldy even with those sandals on. With rain looming we managed to end with a penalties decider and with me missing mine and Steve being unable to keep the the ball out of the net, the non-bibs came out on top.

I've enjoyed working with these guys over the last couple of months and hopefully we can do more. As always they are an absolute inspiration. This was their third set of active pursuits that week which included a run, go ape and walking footie. I could just about do the Walking Footie.

What I have learn't from this experience is that there are no boundaries to what you can achieve if you have the mindset and determination. If an Inspiration/motivation talk is needed then I would suggest you contact AIM as they are just brilliant in what they do.

There is only you stopping you from doing whatever it is you want. Be inspired.

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