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Walking Football at the Stroke Association

Massive thanks to Angela and the team for inviting me over to their group meeting at Murdishaw Communicty Centre in Runcorn. From the moment I walked through the door, the enthusiasm to try Walking Football was boundless to the point they wanted to do it twice.

Once again I come away from a session with more than I took to it and the people who just join in without question are inspirational. You certainly have to ask twice for volunteers. I am completely in awe of people who when faced with adversity just accept it and then make their life as best they can and never give up, when it so easy to do so. Listening to the stories of how a stroke has affected them and how difficult it is to come to terms they are able to with support from people like Angela and the team . Thanks guys it was awesome and hope to work with you some more in the future.

Pictures courtesy of Angela Spruce

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