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Brand new Shiny Home

On Wednesday, we moved into our lovely shiny new home for our Great Sankey Walking Football Session. The venue St Gregory's High School is the same as is the time 8-9pm but they have a lovely new sports hall for us to play in. It's a bit bigger than the old one with no old 1980s gym equipment jutting out of the wall or trampolines in the way.

It's a great venue and has a lot more space than we are used to so a few balls went astray and there was a little bit of dubious walking.

However the spirit is still the same and the game played as it should be....for enjoyment. It was also nice to have another new player ( old school mate) and two returnees.

We have a wide age playing from early 40s to 70s all playing for their own reasons but all playing for fun.

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