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Our First Event

Yesterday we attended a Winter Warmer event hosted by one of our partners Big Local Wargrave. The event was aimed at local Wargrave residents with advice and hints at how to keep warm and active during Winter. Among some of the other participants were St Helens Council, Age UK, St Helen's

Home Improvement Agency, CAB and others, so it was a bit of a surprise and a privilege that we were invited along to participate and put up a stall to show off what we do.

Given this was our first venture into something like to this I wasn't sure what to expect or in fact do and with no real visual material set out to try and showcase as best I could. So we turned up with a lap top and video ( rather well put together for an amateur filmographer/director ) of footage and photos of our sessions, a football, 3 Enjoy Football posters, business cards, some flyers and a table football game. In contrast our friends in the room had banners, tablecloths, leaflets, gizmo's and freebies.

I was pleased and surprised that quite a lot of people came straight over to us and showed a lot of interest about Walking Football, that they had heard of us and what we are doing. We also had some great comments about how good the concept is and hopefully a few converts.

So whilst we haven't got the glam and the glitz of others, what we do have is something simple that we can offer that people can enjoy without the stresses of life getting in the way.

Thanks to Louise and the team at Big Local for inviting us over and next time maybe we'll glam up a bit more. .

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