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How healthy is your workforce?

Do you monitor the health of your workforce and provide opportunities for them to improve their health and fitness.

If not, why not?

There are many published articles covering the health and wellbeing of employees and it is clear from the research that a healthier workforce can lead to all sorts of benefits such as fewer absences, better teamwork, and increased productivity.

To coin a phrase: “A happy workforce is a productive workforce”.

Enjoy Football believe that walking football can be a key part of your wellbeing strategy for everyone in your business, right up to the CEO and management team.

We can help you get your employees back on the road to being healthier and happier by setting up sessions for you either at a chosen venue or in-house.

We can arrange sessions outside of working hours or as part of your corporate team building strategy and can, run inter-departmental competitions or get other businesses involved for corporate competitions.

We are more than happy to work around your requirements, whether it be for ongoing sessions or a one-off event.

So what is walking football?

As the name suggests, it is football but played at a walking pace with no running or jogging allowed. It is played to the same basic rules as ordinary football but the slower pace evens the playing field and allows everyone to participate.

Our sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and ideal for anyone who wants to be more active and have a healthier lifestyle.

What are the benefits?

  • Getting people active and fitter

  • Helping them lose weight

  • Increasing communication and team working skills

  • Meeting new people and team building

  • Giving them more confidence and a feeling of belonging

  • Helping in rehabilitation

  • Enjoyment

Dave Smith

Enjoy Footbal

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