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Well that barrier's broken!

We were pleased to have 2 ladies joining our session at Birchwood this week,

which is a first for one of our own established sessions. We have had a group of ladies joining in with the session we run in partnership with Lifetime Warrington. This now makes us Warrington's only mixed walking football provider.

Why do we suggest we have broke a barrier.? is there such a thing? Well there shouldn't be but in essence, this game is generally aimed at men over 50 so there is a barrier( in my view a mythical one). That's not what Enjoy Football is about at all, but I do know through conversations that this ideology has deterred women from joining in with our sessions. However It has now been proved that there isn't a barrier as it didn't make one jot of difference to the session and why should it. Everyone enjoyed a good competitive game like the week before and the week before that.

So we have now broken down that mythical barrier and as we have said all along, Walking football is for anyone and everyone.

Enjoy Football- it's what they did.

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