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Face for Radio

This week has been a bit busy so far with star appearances on screen and on radio.

Yesterday I was invited to the launch of Enterprise Hub 2 at the Women's Organisation in Liverpool where we were showcased (starred) in a video shot last year to highlight small and medium enterprises in the Merseyside region. I'm not for one minute suggesting that I now have minor celebrity status but it was shown to some of the more influential people in the region, the Metro mayor of Liverpool, Lord Mayor of Liverpool and many high flying entrepreneurs in the room . So on the back of this , a trip to the Jungle could be in the offing? OK, maybe not, but what I was extremely pleased with how it showed off what we do at Enjoy Football.

Today I had the privilege of meeting up with Matt Moorcroft at Radio Warrington 1332AM and spent an hour on the mike talking about how I arrived at Enjoy Football C.I.C from my introduction to football aged 8 and what we do. It was great to talk to someone like minded about junior coaching in sport as Matt has been through a similar journey with Rugby league and also to tell my story and equate it to the current climate in grassroots football. It also gave me a chance to champion Walking Football to the wider public and what it means to so many of our players.

Whist I enjoyed the bit in front of the camera, I'm certainly not going to give any competition to the next 007 and I think I'm more suited to doing what I do best. Mind you, never say never.

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