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Do you wanna build a snowman- Rising and Shooting Stars

As part of our busiest weekend of the year, the Enjoy Football Superstars, Rising and Shooting Stars groups got involved with their own fun time on the Saturday morning sandwiched between #OneGameAtaTime and Walking Football winter special.

Our Christmas session is always a fun time and all the kids enter into the spirit of Christmas fun with Christmas Jumpers and bundles of excited energy.

Combining building a snowman, decorating the Christmas tree and the run Rudolph run challenges, both groups showed us what skills they have picked up over the latter half of 2020.

I'm continuously impressed with how both groups are developing every week and how they have improved even on small things.

The day was finished off by the great Christmas sweetie hunt in Santa's grotto and with final goodbye wave from Santa himself the kid's wen home exhausted but excited.

We'll see everyone when we return hopefully in the spring.


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