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One month on.......................

Well we’re pretty much 1 month into Lockdown iii the return and hopefully everyone is keeping safe.

Following the recent announcement, snide rumour or dirty lie (whichever takes your fancy) that sports will make a return after the kids have gone back to school, we are hopeful that we will be able to bring back all of the sessions by the end of March, that we had running prior to January 4th. Looking further and with a fair wind and a lot of optimism, maybe just maybe, we can get all our sessions back right across the board.


As always, we’re looking forward at Enjoy Football CIC as to what we can do next as we love working with you all.

Last year, 2020, was a particularly tough year for everyone as has been the start of 2021, but I think my favourite part of 2020 was the Walking Football Winter special we did in support of Warrington Foodbank. I think getting everyone together after 9 months was really special and to donate the amount, we did was over and beyond expectation. Even in these tough times of austerity, it was a mammoth and generous effort.

When we do finally return, some of our regulars will not have kicked a ball in over 12 months, so we’d like to repeat what we did as a Spring Special but maybe on a grander scale. We are looking for suggestions for a charity to support and maybe this time the greater Warrington business community could add something by sponsoring a team, an individual or the event. If you have anything in mind, then let me know.

The #OneGameAtaTime session is also looking to host part 2 of the Elephant cup at the end of March. The first Elephant cup was a massive success and was attended by over 25 men who have been affected by Mental health problems in some way. We know that the last 12 months have taken its toll on many people and we are particularly reaching out to men in Warrington who are suffering from Mental health issues and have not looked or asked for some help because of the stigma of mental health, to connect with us come along and join in the fun and talk to the players we have who have lived experience of these problems. Don’t suffer in silence.

We can’t forget our 3-5-year-old superstars back and we can't wait to get back with them as they’re so much fun and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

School holiday football fun days will also be back as again they were a massive success last year with more girls attending than ever before proving that the girls game is on the up (this has also been proven by the popularity of the Women's only Walking football session)

We are as ever working in the background to do more to help football loving people to get out there and play no matter what ability. So, keep an eye out for some new sessions coming your way.

We’ll see you soon and keep safe.



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