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OneGameAtaTime - The Elephant Cup

We seem to have waited an awful long time for this to come around but it's now arrived. No we're not talking about the big fat bloke in the red suit with his reindeers and sleigh, he's arriving a little later, but the official launch of #OneGameAtaTime.

#OneGameAtaTime is a football session to try to tackle men's mental health and prevention of suicide in Warrington. It is based on the game of football fours. It's fast and furious and a breather is welcomed which gives the ideal opportunity for the players to talk.

We've been playing for a good few weeks now and the guys that have come along have all enjoyed this most unusual format of football.

For our official launch on 18th December 2020, we have in collaboration with MoveMENt invited 5 Men's mental Health groups in Warrington, Directions 4 Men, Offload, Menergy, Talk hub and Fit to Tackle to join us to play for the inaugural Elephant Cup, so named after the Elephant in the room, in this case the number of Men dying by sucide in Warrington, which we as a community need to tak about.

That's 25 guys, 5 teams and 1 talk about the Elephant in the room.

We are hoping that the Elephant Cup will open up our sessions on Friday nights and encourage guys who are struggling whether referred or not to come along and talk about thier issues. We have during the sessions guys who have lived experience who are prepared to listen and signpost to where help is at hand.

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