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Walking Football Winter Special 2022

Following on from our Walking Football Winter Special on 18th December 2022 our main goal was to fill 2 Warrington Foodbank vans. Well we smashed it and went into 3.

We couldn't have done it without the help from a lot of people so we have a load of thank you's to give out.
Firstly massive thanks to Lisa and Toby Macormac of Warrington Town FC for giving thier time and venue so that this event could go ahead despite the cold, ice and rain. We cannot have asked for a more generous host.
It's a great family feel club and we have been made more than welcome. So go along and support them at the next game.

Next up are thanks to Morrisons Distribution Centre, Northwich and their Community Champion for donating a voucher to Warrington Foodbank and to Stockton Heath Netball Club for choosing us as thier charity for this year. The amount of necesssary stuff they donated took us into that 3rd van which was well beyond our expectations.
Thank you to everyone in the Warrington community who are not linked to us and to the local football clubs and players for taking time out to come along and donate. Many people will not know us and what we do but hopefully we have shown how we work in the community.

The day itself is dedicated to our players, young & oldish, who come along to renew old and make new aquaintances. It's a joy to see members of all our groups together and a big thanks for all the donations. This year we had the addition of some members of Culcheth Walking Football join us for the first time.

Thank you to Marie and Amanda for working hard behind the scenes in keeping our players warm and hydrated and Rach for doing the maths and keeping a tight running order.

To the refs Neil, Ian, Mick, Paul and anyone else i've missed out for doing a fab job.

And finally thank you to all the players for braving the cold and wet and making the afternoon fun and without a single moan. We had 2 groups of 4 teams playing 5v5 and we had some brilliant games. Loads of drama, worldies, saves, tackles and great camaraderie. Both Semi Finals were hard fought contests and went to pens. The eventiual winners were the Orange team with a winning goal 10 secs from time from our very own Paul Perry from Recovery AllStars

I hope I haven't missed anyone out and if so then apologies. We have a few Christmas hat sessions to complete this week then we'll be back in the new year.


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